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drummer. composer. producer



Synchron shows the interplay of percussion and movement from a completely new perspective. In collaboration with choreographer Éric Trottier, percussionists Peter Hinz, Dominik Fürstberger and Michele Ciccimarra bring on stage the aesthetics but also the choreographic potential which is hidden behind every drum beat.

The word synchron, which is so important for percussionists, can be traced back to the ancient Greek terms syn (= together) and chronos (= time). It stands for the inseparability between movement and rhythm. The movement is the basis of the music - without movement there would be no dynamics - no resonance. The sequence of movements of the three percussionists are also the core of the audiovisual performance Synchron. Together they have created a work that is not based on a written composition, but whose structure and rhythm arise from the choreographic interplay of improvising bodies.

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