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drummer. composer. producer




Dominik Fürstberger is drummer, composer and producer. The focus of his work is characterized by cross-cultural as well as sound-aesthetic border crossing. As a co-founder of the oriental jazz band Haz'art Trio and the collective Beyond Borders, he is committed to cultural exchange. It's results can be heard on the publications 'Infinite Chase' (Haz'art Trio ; 2017, The Muse Alliance) and 'It Just Happens' (Beyond Borders ; 2018, Hout Records) and have been guest to countless concerts, including the Festival International Hammamet, the Galway Jazz Festival, the Enjoy Jazz Festival and the 'Musiksalon Welt' series curated by the Haz'art Trio at the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

Another focus of his artistic creation is the intensive work on a hybrid of drums and live electronics to give acoustic sounds a new dimension. He developed a fascination for sound in general while studying jazz drums at the Mannheim University of Music with Prof. Michael Küttner. During his master's degree at the Basel Music Academy, he expanded the spectrum of his work and studied drums, producing & composition with Jeff Ballard, Gregor Hilbe, Daniel Dettwiler, Volker Böhm and Guillermo Klein, among others.

Dominik Fürstberger thus shaped the goal of increasingly merging the processes of composition, arrangement, interpretation and production. This was the idea of ​​the electro-pop duo FLEEB ('Drip Baby'; 2019, Hout Records) and his solo project D#F , with which he was Artist in Residence of the Uncool Residency in Poschiavo (Switzerland) in 2019. But his versatility also comes into play in work on the theater. He was seen on stage at the Staatstheater Mainz in the production Das Käthchen von Heilbronn (2016/2017) as a drummer and sound designer, composed and produced the music for the productions Orestes (2017), Musketiere! (2018) and Das Tal der Ahnen (2020), worked as a sound designer, drummer and performer in the mixed media production Synchron (2018) at the Eintanzhaus in Mannheim. At  Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim is musical director and sound artist in the youth opera Der Sommer, als ich unsterblich war (2020).

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