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drummer. composer. producer

Inside Out - Sound Diaries

Collecting fieldrecordings is a passion, that I have, since I was in a workshop for spacialization with Jonty Harrison at Jazzcampus Basel. I also saw his show in Gare Du Nord in Basel and was fascinated for sounds and the collage of spaces and places and different times in a way, that would never be possible in real life. Listening to a street band in Belgrade while having fireworks in Heidelberg and a strange noise from electric lines in France is only possible in that way.

For me, it all starts while recording. This is already a very aesthetic process during which I can really focus on my surroundings and give value to each noise that is happening around me. Noises, that would normally disturb me now get this importance for the moment. This really calms me down and gives a great awareness for sound in general.

The next step is making the collection of sounds, giving them names, dates, countries, soundtypes. Here, I can connect even more with the essence of memories, that I associate with the recording. And gives me so much happiness, listening to all the moments, that sometimes feel like years away already.

For this special video, I made a soundinstallation in Mannheim for a 8.1 sound system and played drums to it. Thanks to Kasia Kadłubowska, I had a very inspiring, intimate and intense experience, playing to recordings I made that are put together by somebody else.

I hope, you enjoy!

this project was supported by Musikfonds


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