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drummer. composer. producer


"FLEEB focuses on an area where everything is connected to each other; in a musical grid square, where programming, producing and musical virtuosity gather together. As an electronic avant-pop duo they bring produced sounding music live on stage. Their musical art, supported by thought out electronics, is grooving with an urban touch, leaves place for quirkiness, irritates and yet breathes the expanse and laconic calmness of a nordic landscape, surrounded by an aura of melancholy. With their distinct feeling for athmospheric moods, supported by a an all the time urgent voice, their music drifts through richly faceted sound ambiences - sometimes mysterious and dark and in the next moment poetic and soft.

Both musicians modulate not only the acoustic signals of voice and drums with live-electronics and sharpen their sounds with subtle sounddesignes, but at the same time play synthesizers to energetically charge their sonic world, oscillating between wo-man and machine."

Florian Keller, unerhört!-Festival 2019

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